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Fitness Hipster is a counter-culture, grassroots movement away from your standard workout and toward everything else fitness.  We are people who have gotten bored with the “typical” workout regime and believe you should enjoy not only being fit but enjoy the process of getting there.  We believe in challenging ourselves and each other to step outside our comfort zones when it comes to a good workout and knowing that our best workouts are always ahead of us.

We’ll go try things and let you know what we think so you can figure out what might be right up your alley, how you should prepare for it, and where to find it in your own backyard.

Think you might have a budding Fitness Hipster inside you?  JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!!  Seen something you want us to try out for you?  Let us know HERE.  Want to try it with us?  EVEN BETTER!!  Know someone with an amazing or inspiring story you’d like to nominate as the Hipster of the Month?  We’d love to know all about that! 

Follow the posts, come out for the Challenge Events, get talking about what you’ve tried or what you want to try on the forums, buy a t-shirt so we can pay the web guys, the possibilities are endless…

When you’re a Fitness Hipster, ANYTHING GOES!