Nia Review Snapshot: Maggie’s Review

First Impression:  The first impression I had after hearing about NIA was “cool, the Olympic volleyball team trained using this, so it must be legit”. That however, was a falsely led first impression. The Olympic volleyball team did not train for the Olympics using NIA. It was just a fib Kory told me to get me to agree to the review knowing that I am more of a cardio and weights type, and less of a free expression dance girl. It wasn’t until a week before the review that I called her out on it when I told her I could not find any information supporting this endorsement. It was then that she told me she had made it up. Her reason? She said she knew she would never get me to try it unless she told me something like that. Apparently, she knows me better than I thought. No, I am not the type of person who would sign myself up for a NIA class. In fact, in all of my fitness interests I have never even tried Zumba because the thought of doing any sort of “dancing” as a class intimidates me more than jumping out of a plane. Setting all fear aside and knowing that it couldn’t be any worse than an hour of me reliving my awkward years (hey! most everybody has them), I figured why not give it a try? We are all about trying new things right? The NIA studio was awesome; it was very calm, welcoming and beautiful. From what I had read prior to attending the NIA class, NIA is about positively shaping the way you feel, look, think and live and the people we met really and truly exemplified this mantra. Everyone was very genuine and welcoming. While still a little nervous (as I am sure that my mom thinks I am a good dancer, but that may be a biased opinion) my mood shifted immediately upon walking in the door.

What I liked the Most: Every part that involved free-form movement. Sexy Walk- I mean seriously? Who doesn’t like to sexy walk? I guess people who aren’t sexy.

What I liked the Least: The after effects of NIA which for me were blisters on my big toes. However, I think it was more a testament of how much fun we had shredding it on the NIA floor.

It Was…. More fun than I could have ever anticipated. Prior to beginning class, we were standing in a circle and a gentleman was giving a piece of advice. His advice was to “move authentically”. I thought that was an excellent piece of advice to begin the review with. I have never had any sort of dance class in my entire life and I was getting ready to participate in an activity that incorporated Yoga, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern and Duncan dance styles. I wasn’t sure how to move “authentically” without “authentically” looking like I had no idea what I was doing. However, as the class began, and our amazing NIA instructor Helen Terry began leading us through the “passion routine” it became apparent what he meant. The energy in the class was amazing. It wasn’t about moving an exact certain way or staying in exact coordination with everyone else. Even though we were all following the same basic steps, everyone looked different. It was more about making the time and space your own and being mentally and physically aware of what is going on with your body and mind. Overall, I had a blast! Again, I am not a dancer, and this is not the type of thing I would have tried on my own, but if anything, I hope that sharing my experience of NIA really helps drive the point home that anyone can have fun doing NIA regardless of skill (or lack thereof). Even if you think you are not “the type” of person that would enjoy this sort of thing. I urge you to challenge that assumption and give it a shot. You will likely have way much more fun than you think.

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