Rowing Class Review Snapshot:  Sara’s Review

First Impression: I’ve done a lot of rowing as part of Crossfit, but haven’t ever taken an actual class on it so was happy to get the opportunity.  Turns out, my technique needed some help and Sarah did a great job of fixing my form.

What I Most Liked: Rowing seems like it is a lot of arms and back – but it turns out rowing is more about your legs than your back or arms…it’s all in the legs!  I’ve been told outdoor rowing and rowing on a machine are totally different and I’d like to try outdoor rowing at some point – but, I like that you can monitor how you are doing on a rowing machine.  You can watch how many strokes per minute (insert inappropriate joke here), how long it would take you to go 500 meters, etc.

What I Least Liked: After an hour – give or take 10 minutes because we may have gotten lost on the way, gone to the wrong address, and walked in after class already started – your legs are exhausted!

It was… Tiring.  I suggest everyone try it at least once to see if they like it and it’s a nice substitute for running if you aren’t a runner like I’m not a runner.

That kicked my ass: I won’t feel it tomorrow, but probably the day after…

Will I ever do it again? Probably – unless something better comes along.

Overall I think:  I could take it or leave it

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