Megaformer Review Snapshot: Kory’s Review

First Impression:  I was told that this class was referred to as “Pilates on Crack” so as I walked in and saw these wicked looking machines called Megaformers, I was a very intrigued! These machines consist of a sliding platform, springs, resistance bands and other moving parts which create a very-effective amped up Pilates workout, along with cardio and strength training. The workout was 50 minutes long, was set to energetic music, and totally kicked my ass. I can use more of that in my life!

What I liked the Most: The thing is, I rarely do small range of motion exercises and I typically don’t do them until my muscles are burning to the point of total fatigue. We lunged, we planked, we pulsed, we paused, and I could feel the urge to want to give in and to rest for just a second. But I stayed with the exercises and after the class was over, I could feel the deep burn in muscles that are neglected and need some serious attention. Being a runner, I have tight and week hip flexors, amongst other issues that come along with putting in the miles each week. The class was a challenge for me, and although it was small (only 10 machines total), I enjoyed the energy of the music and the knowledge and instruction of Harry who has a good thing going in Chicago.

That kicked my ass: I had to stop and put out the fire in my thighs a few times! Wheww!

Will I ever do it again? This class tops my list in the “favorites” category and I would love to have this in KC. If you live in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, check it out. Megaformers rock!

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