Hipster of the Month

Kimberly Helgerson, 46

Colorado Springs, CO

Note from Maggie & Sara – Remember our trip to Colorado Springs, CO to hike Pikes Peak?  Yes…the one that was just last week, but who knows, your memory might be short…Our fearless leader on that adventure was our friend Ken Helgerson who is the Chief of the United States Air Force Academy Fire Department.  He is pretty much an all around fitness bad ass…need proof?  His nick name is “Calves” because his calves are huge from running up mountains.  The one thing more impressive then Ken and his fitness abilities is his wife, Kim.  She met us for the incline on Saturday, completed a triathlon on Sunday – then came back and did the incline again for fun…all in a typical weekend for Kim.  This is the disclaimer that came with her summary: “Okay so I wrote this in the car on my cell phone after a 20 mile mountain bike ride up a ski hill at keystone where i got a free beer and a very expensive margarita!! So feel free to edit it!!!!”

In her own words…

I have always been very active, I am the youngest of three kids born and raised in Montana . I have two older brothers. a very active and fit husband and two very crazy boys who keep me on my toes so I have been chasing boys around for 46 years .

I got more serious about fitness in 2008 after a running accident got me a major knee surgery and 6 weeks of physical therapy. In PT they had me running on a treadmill and riding a stationary bike. After therapy was over I just keep running and biking. Now I do half marathons, triathlons and bike races. Most weeks I run at least three days, ride two or more days and swim at least once. If the weather is bad I go to the gym and do a cross fit day with a treadmill run or a swim. I believe in functional fitness so I do push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, wall climbs and other body weight exercises.

I like working out because it not only gives me physical strength but mental strength! I solve so many issues while I am running, biking, hiking or swimming. For me It builds confidence and courage that helps me face daily challenges. They say running is cheaper than therapy and I live by that saying. When I exercise I feel better, stronger; emotionally, physically and mentally. It simply makes me happy.