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What to eat, what to eat, what to eat???

It has been said that Sara eats like a caveman, Kory eats like a deprived caveman and Maggie eats like a normal person.  I’m sure you can guess who wrote that and, to be clear, nothing about Maggie is normal.  But the other parts – that Sara and Kory eat like cavemen is relatively accurate…in fact we all follow similar diets and they pretty closely follow the Paleo/Primal diet.  The name of the diet comes from the idea that we were evolved to eat certain foods and – to optimize our health – we should stick to those foods.

So – what did we evolve eating?  Meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, healthy fats (avocados, coconut/coconut oils, olives, olive oil, butter), fruits, nuts, seeds.

What things are missing?  Wheat, corn, pasta, breads, rice, noodles, legumes, added sugar, processed foods

In general – you eat whole foods and eliminate processed foods and, in particular, foods with added sugar.   All in all it’s a healthy diet and, in our experience, has a lot of benefits including weight loss and better lipid profiles.

Some benefits of this way of eating – it’s lower carbohydrate (more on the low carb vs. low fat debate…but you can guess which side we come down on), focuses on lower glycemic index foods, and is gluten free (even people without celiac disease often have a gluten sensitivity and benefit from eliminating it from the diet).

You may have noticed this is kind of anti-USDA guidelines that encourage eating whole grains…there has been a lot of debate recently about how those came into existence and why.  Want to know more about the history of that?  Watch the documentary Fat Head or read Good Calories, Bad Calories…very interesting stuff.

I’ve been asked before why you would want to eat like a caveman if cavemen died so young.  However, according to anthropologists, the reason most of our ancestors died young was because of accidents and injury rather than disease.  Current hunter-gatherer tribes (yes, there are still some out there) have extremely low rates of things like cancer and cardiovascular disease…which happen to be called “diseases of civilization.”  Coincidence?  I think not.  We’ll explore more later…

Some great resources with more information then we could ever cover about eating Paleo or Primal:


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Greetings and welcome to the FitnessHipster blog.  Our goal here is to provide all sorts of information about health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness in a way that is interesting  – or at least – understandable.  We’ll try to keep things entertaining and get you as excited about this stuff as we are. 

A rousing summary of our qualifications (or lack thereof) are available under the “Review Team” category in the “Review” tab – but in short – you’ll get blog posts here from the whole Hipster team so a brief intro:  Maggie is our Head Hipster in Charge and the originator of both the idea and term Fitness Hipster who happened upon this because she was the original Hipster – getting the rest of us to try random things with her even before she decided to forever immortalize our misadventures on the internet.  She’s the business mind behind all this – mom to 2 adorable and energetic kids, wife to a resident (so part time single mom), CFO of the family business, student finishing up her Masters in Finance, and all around great gal with a quick wit and smart-ass response to everything that comes her way.  You’ll also hear from Kory – our Hipster Trainer who is trained as an exercise physiologist and happens to be an amazing personal trainer.  She is arguably the fittest person we know and is definitely dedicated to helping other people get that way – so we figured she’d have the perfect take and background to comment on all these activities.  She’ll be giving you some practical tips for getting and staying healthy.  Ever wanted to pick a trainers brain about something but don’t know where to find one?  We’ve got one for you and we’re willing to share.  It’s always nice to have a physician in your back pocket to refer your medical questions so we have Pete the Hipster MD who will be guest posting from time to time on the art and science of medicine.  As a side note – he wouldn’t actually fit in your back pocket – but you know what I mean.  He happens to be the dad to the same 2 kids as Maggie (because they’re married if you didn’t catch that already), awesome husband, patient brother-in-law, and a Family Medicine resident with a MD from KU Medical Center (Rock Chalk!).  I’m Sara the Hipster Doc with a background in health research.  I’m going to do my best to give you an understandable read on what the literature says about health and wellness.  I have been instructed to keep it easily understandable and to avoid using the geeky words I use in my day to day job – so I’ll do my best and give you references to refer to if you want the geek speak behind all this stuff.  My first instruction from Maggie was to write up everything I know into blog posts.  (Apparently she doesn’t think I know that much?).  Feel free to pick our brains, ask questions, make us work!

Our goal is to provide resources and information we would find useful and that we hope you do too – and to engage people in getting the folks around them excited about all this stuff.  We are the first to admit that working out and getting healthy can get frustrating and/or boring and that once it does, it’s easy to back slide and be complacent with not being healthy…but it doesn’t have to.  There are a million opportunities out there to try new things and find something that fits you and your lifestyle right now.  We want to help you find that and we want you to help us get other people on board.  Know that saying “a year from now, you will wish you started today?”  Start today.  Get involved.  Try new things.  ChALlenGe YoURseLF!!!!  And if you’re not sure what to try, let us make some suggestions…