Core Power Yoga

What to Wear: Something comfortable that you can move in

What to Bring:  Bottle of water, towel, yoga mat

Level of Difficulty: Be ready to sweat. The heat may be the most intense part!

Areas Worked:  Focuses on core, leading up to full body stretching and strengthening postures.


Maggie’s Review

First Impression: I should start this with a disclaimer by stating that I am by no means a regular yogi. I have been to a few Vinyasa classes, a couple of mixed flow classes and one Bikram class (which was not a great experience due to thermostat issues) but I tend to stick to deep stretch yoga classes as to facilitate my weightlifting and cardio activities. As you can imagine I was a little anxious about doing a heated yoga class with a lot of core work given my prior Bikram experience. That anxiety however, vanished quickly as we walked in to the Core Power Yoga studio and I realized this was not a Bikram studio, nor was it a traditional yoga class. It was almost like it was a completely different twist on a combination of the two. When speaking with friends about Core Power Yoga, I had picked up on their innate reservations about going to a yoga “chain” and doing yoga while listening to contemporary music. This was not at all an issue for me as business structure doesn’t affect my opinion much. Besides, if the secret of health for both mind and body is to live in the present moment, then what is more living in the present than accepting change? The evolution of Yoga and all of its manifestations is a change I embrace :)

What I liked the Most: The heat was big like, it helped increase my flexibility. I could go deeper into poses than I usually am able to. It also felt fantastic in the cold Chicago climate. The Music was not your typical yoga music but it was not out of place either. It was an invigorating complement to the class. Lastly, our instructor Paula taught me how to do a handstand! Who doesn’t enjoy learning new things?

What I liked the Least: Although I loved the heat it did take a few minutes to adjust to the heat and get comfortable. The first 15 minutes or so I wasn’t so sure about the class. However, once my body adapted it was no big deal.

That kicked my ass: Not bad… not bad at all.

Will I ever do it again? Absolutely.

Overall I think: I loved it. Our instructor Paula was knowledgeable and well versed in her instruction. She was very accommodating but cautious in offering adjustments…they were always well timed and ensured proper alignment. Staying true to the philosophy of Core Power Yoga we performed a lot of core strengthening poses; that being said (and before you get too intimidated) it was never overbearing. Given that a majority of my workouts consist of cardio and weightlifting, I definitely saw value in the increased flexibility and emphasis on balancing that Core Power Yoga teaches. The unique combination of these attributes actually seemed to isolate muscles differently than a traditional strength training workout or a traditional yoga class for that matter. If I had to compare Core Power yoga to a traditional class I would say it most closely reflected some of the Vinyasa classes I have been to with the addition of being heated and there was an emphasis on sun salutations, inversions and balancing. It was hot but not as hot as a Bikram class, the music was contemporary yet it was in no way distracting. The facility itself was clean, calm and inviting. In addition, everyone we met was extremely friendly and helpful. Overall, I loved the experience and would recommend giving it a shot if you live near a Core Power Yoga Studio. No matter what your specific conditioning goals are, or how you “typically” achieve them just about everyone could find some benefit from a Core Power Yoga class.


Sara’s Review

First Impression: I’m a big fan of yoga but I’m always a little iffy when I’m walking into a hot yoga class.  I’ve been to some I’ve loved where I came out feeling stretched and relaxed.  I’ve also come out of a few where I’ve felt totally drained and like maybe I’d just walked out of a torture chamber.  Core Power Yoga had a good feel to it though and the instructor seemed nice so I tried to be optimistic and turns out it was a great class!

What I Most Liked: I really feel like the instructor makes all the difference in a yoga class and the instructor we had was excellent.  The class moved fast and it took a lot of concentration to follow the movements but it was easy to find my sticking points and to push myself.

What I Least Liked: Even though I love yoga classes, I don’t go as much as I’d like and I definitely have room for improvement.  I have to admit I don’t always find it as relaxing as it should be because I am stressing myself out over not getting all the positions right…this was one of those times, but I think going more often would be helpful.

It was… A great class.  I highly recommend yoga to everyone and definitely recommend everyone try a hot yoga class too.  There is something cleansing about sweating that much!

That kicked my ass:  I won’t feel it tomorrow, but probably the day after…

Will I ever do it again?  Probably – unless something better comes along.

Overall I think:  I could take it or leave it


Kory’s Review

First Impression: Being a yoga teacher, I always enjoy taking other classes, especially at different studios with different teachers. I have studied and taught many styles of yoga, and have always enjoyed classes that are heated, particularly ones that flow and focus on strength. At the Uptown Corepower Yoga studio in Chicago, we participated in a C2 Heated Power Yoga Class, heated to 102 degrees and it felt awesome!

As I walked in, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the beauty and size of the facility. A blazing fireplace, 2 large yoga studios, a stunning locker room, a free towel and mat upon my first visit. It was all good! The class itself flowed nicely, incorporating some basic postures with more demanding headstands and abdominal work. I found that a down dog every now and then was a nice break from the taxing heat which left me a bit winded. There is something about a heated class that feels so cleansing and exhausting and relaxing all at the same time. As I left the studio and stepped outside into the cold and rainy Chicago afternoon, all I wanted to do was take a nice hot shower and a long nap. My body felt rejuvenated and my mind was clear. It was a wonderful experience and I would love to take other classes that are offered at this studio, or at any of the 60+ studios around the United States!

New to Yoga? I would recommend trying an Intro class which is offered at all Corepower Yoga studios. We attended a level 2 class, and even though you are encouraged to do your best, and rest when needed, a more beginner yoga class will teach you the fundamentals and form of the postures, insuring that you won’t injure yourself on your yoga journey.