Kory Hipster Trainer

Kory doesn’t like to brag on herself – but we do – so we volunteered to do it for her. Kory can easily be classified as an all around fitness bad ass. She’s a full time personal trainer with a degree in exercise physiology, a yoga instructor and certified massage therapist. In addition to having the necessary initials and education, we can attest to her mad training skills because she not only trains us but also about everyone else we know who has wanted to try out a personal trainer. The other things we love about Kory is that she not only talks the talk about health and fitness but walks the walk. She will and has tried just about everything – she runs, she lifts weights, she does yoga, she spins, she dances (or more technically was a dancer although we’ve yet to see it)…the list is endless. She’s an amazing resource for all things fitness and she puts up with us so we are big fans!