Sara Hipster Doc

So my title here is Hipster Doc because I am the resident research geek.  I have a Ph.D. in psychology with a health emphasis and fill my days studying things like health, wellness, substance use, mental health, injury, cardiovascular risk factors, fitness, and nutrition.  I also happen to be a sister of the Head Hipster in Charge and signed on to this project because I’m kind of a sucker for a really great idea. I would like to say I’ve been into fitness since I was a kid but it would be a lie. I never played any sports and dropped out of gymnastics when I was 7. I could be considered an anti-hipster for most of my life – my most adventurous fitness activities through my first three decades was sometimes going in reverse on the elliptical trainer (which does take some coordination). I can – however – say that I adopted the fitness hipster lifestyle a few years back when I took the leap and tried out Crossfit at the urging/mocking of some friends of mine. Loved it so much I earned my Crossfit level one training certificate in 2011. I tend to be really good at the weights part not so good at the gymnastics stuff but I’m learning. My favorite part is that it keeps me in pretty good shape so I can keep up with whatever random fitness activity Maggie thinks up to try.

In addition to my full time research and my part time hipstering, I’m also the mom to a pretty feisty 6 year old who keeps me on my toes and regularly outsmarts me. Fortunately, it’s a 1:1 adult:child ratio at my house so I’m less worried about a coup than Maggie is (and definitely should be) at her house – but I’m seeing how important it is to be a good health role model for my daughter who has come to believe pull ups are fun and loves being the weight on a sled for a good set of weighted sprints.

My role here – in addition to trying whatever random/scary activity Maggie and Kory come up with, is to provide some perspective on the scientific front about nutrition and fitness, research that comes out in the news…a true geek-perspective on all this stuff. So I’m in for the ride. Excited to try pretty much anything and everything – usually more than a little intimidated – but will do my best!